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We realise that accounting is a multi-disciplined profession which requires skills and talent from a wide variety of areas. Our employees exhibit strong interpersonal, organisational and technical abilities. We believe that, through the development of these skills, one can attain the highest level of success within our firm.

APAC Consultants seeks people who can help us grow into one of the finest professional service organizations in the business world. We offer value-added services that make a perceptible impact in today’s business. We believe that our focus on client satisfaction, upgradation of knowledge and investment in information technology will enable us to achieve our goals.

You are your greatest limit, something that you must surpass, by seeking bigger opportunities, bigger responsibilities and bigger challenges. We are looking for experienced and talented individuals capable of delivering a wide range of value-added services to our clients, while helping them to confront today's critical issues head on.


The firm offers excellent career opportunity for bright, talented Chartered Accountants and other desirous individual who want to grow with the firm.

Most of the present Partners have built their career with the growth of the Firm.

The firm also believes in the policy of sharing and rewarding with it’s professional staff.

The firm continuously recognizes and encourages the synchronizing of the growth of its professional staff with the growth of the firm.

We offer exciting career opportunities for the following candidates:

Chartered Accountants/ Semi-Qualified Assistants


Good Communication and Reporting Skills

Interested candidates may apply online or alternatively write to:

APAC Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

701-702 RG Trade Tower

Netaji Subhash Place


Why Join Us ?

What's your next career move? How about working in friendly official environment? Working with a diverse client list of companies? Achieving your best, while learning from colleagues who are the very best in professional services? You can do it all with a career at APAC.

Our strength and success stems from the performance of our people, and therefore we strive to create an atmosphere that stresses learning and individual attention for all members of our team.

We provide our clients with the highest quality professional service, we seek to attract capable, intelligent and motivated people in all of our practice areas.

As a new economy group, we challenge our people to learn more, look deeper and offer them knowledge and training to help them learn something new everyday. We encourage them to have high aspirations and create a customised career graph for them. We believe in creating a supportive and diverse workplace and are a merit based equal opportunity employer. We offer a variety of services, so we are looking for a variety of people - individuals who can bring new perspectives to existing scenarios. Bright…Creative thinkers…Challenge seekers.

We offer worldwide career opportunities in Audit, Tax,Consulting and Financial advisory services. From the supportive and collaborative culture to the progressive learning and development, it's easy to see why Deloitte is the company of choice for students.

We motivate our people to learn more, look deeper and to develop an attitude that will help them in creating a customized career graph for them by offering them, the knowledge and training to help them, explore their own potential and seamless opportunities. We aspire them to have high aspirations and confidence in what ever they do and are capable of doing. We believe in creating a supportive, diverse and friendly workplace and are a merit based equal opportunity employer. We offer a gamut of services, so we are continuously looking for a variety of people - who can bring quality and innovation in our services and provide customized solution to our client to create values for them and our organization at large.

Pre – requisite:

We are constantly in need of people though requirements vary in nature but Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries; Law Graduates are always preferred backgrounds.

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