Audit & Assurance

Compliance Audit

Compliance Audit provides a comprehensive insight into the functioning and effectiveness of management processes. It provides an independent assurance to the audit committee regarding management compliance status. It measures the maturity of the compliance processes by focusing on key statutory and internal assessment areas.

Special Investigation Audit

The special investigation audit is carried on behalf of banks, Financial Institutions, Top Management, Judicial Bodies, Special Group of investors etc. The audit is conducted as per the specific scope agreed. The main objective of such an audit is to provide a critical review of a company’s working and its state of affairs

Management Assurance

We are leaders in the development of non- financial performance reporting, helping our clients respond to the need for greater transparency, improved corporate governance and business models based on the principles of sustainability.

Due Diligence Review

We are instrumental in carrying out a personalized and customized consultancy services that encompasses Due Diligence Review. This is performed by industry experts. Our due diligence review highlights the following:

  • Review of accounting policies
  • Review of internal audit procedures
  • The quality and sustainability of earnings and cash flow
  • The condition and value of assets
  • Liabilities and potential liabilities
  • Accounting systems and controls
  • Tax implications of deal structures
  • Examination of key operational processes
  • Examination of information systems to establish the reliability of financial information